About Us

A Company engaged in diverse activities such as manufacturing Industrial Plastic Components, Hangers in different styles & sizes & other Accessories, Textile Bobbin, Cones, Y cones and Blow Moulded Tubes, Bottles and Caps. Span Plastics Private Limited an ISO 9001 - 2000 Standard Company was established with the great vision of Mr. G. L. Wadhwa in the year 1979 and comprises of Injection Moulding and Blow Moulding Manufacturing units. Over the years the company has accomplished reputation for producing high quality components. We started with manufacture of Bobbins & Tubes and continued to serve Textile Industry with additional Steam Proof Tubes, Cones Y Cones, Plastic Tubes etc. These Textile Parts are made out of different Raw-Material such as P.P, PPCP, Nylon, ABS, Styrene etc. We have supplied regularly as Import Substitution comparable in Quality & Price with European and South Asian Manufacturers. Our Scope of business is Design and Manufacture of Moulds, products, Trials and Approvals, Production of Plastic Components and Production and Manufacture of Sub-Assemblies.

Quality Policy / Processes

We are certified for using ISO 9001-2000 standards. Our facility is audited by some of the best multi-national companies that we are associated with. We strictly follow TQM procedures prescribed by our customers.


1 DGP Windsor S P 180 180 Tons
2 DGP Windsor S P 130 130 Tons
3 Ferromatik Milacron Sigma 110 110 Tons
4 Polymech Plast-Gold Coin GC-100 100 Tons
5 Polymech Plast-Gold Coin GC-100 100 Tons
6 Polymech Plast-Gold Coin GC-100 100 Tons
7 Haixing China HG-168 168 Tons
8 Haitian China HT-200 200 Tons